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Make Sure Your Freight Is Sent Out On Time

Rely on us for expedited shipping services and more

When you're running behind on getting a shipment sent out, get the help you need. FreightyCats LLC is ready to assist you. We know how the business works and have developed efficient ways to get the job done right.

Trust our team of experienced expeditors to get any shipment to any place on time. Reach out today to set up an expedited delivery.

Our Services

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Getting your shipments where they need to go

We do whatever it takes to get your freight delivered on time. Sometimes a little extra help is all you need to complete the job on time. Count on us to complete:

Expedited shipping services

Airfreight Support

Logistic assistance services

Don't settle for late deliveries. Hold yourself to a higher standard by teaming up with us for on-time delivery services.

Need a reliable freight service to help your business?

If you need a company to help you keep your shipping services on track and on time, depend on us.

We'll help you grow your business by helping you stay on top of logistics, client communication and more. We work with all kinds of businesses in the community.

Ready to work with a reliable company you can depend on? Contact us today to discuss projects we can assist you with.